Tagaboom Collaborates for Mobile Innovation

Tagaboom is working with companies to integrate new forms of media into the annotation cloud. From mobile sensor data to computer game assets, there are limitless opportunities to annotate media with Tagaboom.


Notch is a wearable movement-capture sensor network that uses advanced sensor fusion algorithms to perform skeletal reconstruction of human movement and is designed mobile-first. Notch consists of tiny wearable modules that capture and reconstruct bodily movements in 3D. Notch is scalable from 2 to 14 modules and is perfect for active sports, dance, 3D animation, and quantified-self.
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Quebee is the first mobile multi-camera system on Kickstarter and works with your iPhone camera and multiple Qubee cameras to capture video simultaneously from multiple angles. You can control multiple Quebee cameras with a smartphone app, synchronize video, and stream video over the Internet.
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Avid Union

The Shield is a tech jacket that recently became among the most successful apparel Kickstarters in recent memory. Designed for an era where we need to enable and disable tech, the jacket protects privacy by shielding devices or properly pocketing others. Avid Union’s forward designs are coming soon to Tagaboom.
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A game by Eric Kinkead, questlord is a new turn-based Role Playing Game in the classic style of the legendary Computer Role Playing Games that defined the genre. The QuestLord world is coming soon to Tagaboom.
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Spectre is a first-person horror game built for the Oculus Rift. Explore wonderous haunted locales. Discover riddles and secrets. Escape the wrath of the Spectre lurking in the shadows, or command the Spectre itself, and terrify your friends! The SPECTRE world is coming soon to Tagaboom.
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